Snapchat’s much-hated “Best Friends” feature is finally, totally (hopefully) gone. But instead, they have replaced it with (maybe) a more fun way of visually showing your relationship with your contacts. The update to the app also brings with it a special low-light camera mode, and a new way of categorizing contacts that you haven’t been paying attention to or those that you’ve been neglecting lately. The photo sharing app is trying to regain some of the users it has lost to new ephemeral apps that have sprung up in the wake of its popularity.

Instead of adding people to your “Best Friends” list, you now have six main categories, visualized by emojis, that you can add to your contacts. The gold heart is for the people that you chat with the most while a grimacing emoji means that person has the same BFF as you. The smiling emoji is for someone who is a best friend, but not at the top of your list. Emojis wearing sunglasses mark people with whom you have mutual contacts. A smirking one is for those who consider you their BFF but you don’t return the feeling. If you have a fire emoji next to a contact, that means you’ve been snap chatting non-stop for some days now.


The update also brings a low-light camera mode so that when you take pictures in dark places (let’s not discuss what those dark places are), then it will not just be a grainy, unintelligible blob. It will also now inform you which of your contacts “need love”, meaning you haven’t “spoken” to them for some time. They are found in a list in the Recents tab and these are for those you used to chat with a lot, but have now been neglecting.

Don’t worry, those emojis you put next to people isn’t something the rest of the world will see. They’re just for you to privately categorize your contacts. The update should be rolling out to users over the next few days.

VIA: SlashGear