If you’re browsing through the various Snaps on your feed, you sometimes want to know more about the restaurants or places where your friends are. Or you may even want to contact them right then and there to make a reservation. The latest update to the image and multi-media messaging app allows you to easily do that as Snapchat introduces Context Cards which lets you learn more about what you see on the images and videos that you’re looking at.

Basically, Context Cards will display information about the Snap when you swipe up from the image or video. The content comes from their partners like Trip Advisor, FourSquare, Michelin, and goop among others. Not only that, you’ll be able to do actions directly from that card, like make a reservation through Open Table, or book a ride from Uber to that place right then and there. You also get detailed information like reviews, directions, operating hours, and even more Snaps if users have uploaded a lot of pics and videos.

The Context Card will not appear on all Snaps, however. It will be available for those that used the location-specific geofilters or those that have submitted their Snaps to the Our Story feed. It will also appear for those that are in the Snap Map or Search. You’ll see the More button if it’s available and you just swipe up to see the feed-like waterfall.

This new feature has already started rolling out to users so update your Snapchat to the latest version and start swiping up to see those Context Cards.

SOURCE: Snapchat