To spread some early holiday cheer, Snapchat has just released a new version of its photo and video sharing app featuring quite a number of new features. Snapchat has just gained a variety of visual filters and a new limited replay function.

Like many photo apps these days, Snapchat now offers some fancy visual effects that can be applied on photos. The process is quite straightforward. Simply take a photo and, once the photo has appeared on the screen, swipe sideways through the available filters. But more than just your run of the mill effects, there are also some “smart filters” that overlays data on top of the photos, such as current time, temperature, and speed.

Another new and probably a bit perplexing feature is the Replay function. Snapchat has become popular for the way it immediately erases a photo or video from its servers after it has been viewed by the recipient. However, it seems that there are times when users accidentally or unintentionally gloss over a shared item and want to be able to view it again. This is where Replay comes in, allowing users to see a snap a second time. Privacy-concerned users need not worry too much though. The Replay feature can only be used to view only one snap per day, limiting the scope of Snapchat’s data retention.

The new version of Snapchat is now available on Google Play Store. The new filters, however, are not automatically enabled and have to be activated by going to the Settings menu and digging through Additional Services.

Download: Snapchat on Google Play Store
VIA: The Verge