Snapchat has snapped up a member of Instagram management, naming her COO. Emily White, former Director of Business Operations at Instagram, will be the new COO of Snapchat. In a discussion with All things D, White said “It happened really quickly, but to have an actual COO role in one of many companies that is disrupting the communications arena is one I could not pass up.”

It’s believed that White will head up Snapchat’s marketing efforts, and her hire is a precursor for ads making their way to Snapchat. If that turns out to be the case, it could be the reason Snapchat turned down several buyout offers from the likes of Facebook and Google. It was also believed that Facebook planned to roll Snapchat into Instagram, or vice versa.

It’s also possible that Snapchat is just growing, and a proper COO is something they feel they need moving forward. The popular messaging service is used my millions daily, and has grown exponentially as a result of its fresh take on messaging. There was another company that saw such a meteoric rise, and White came directly from there: Facebook.

We aren’t saying White — who was only at her role with Instagram for a few months before taking her new title with Snapchat — knows how to build Snapchat into something massive, but she’s familiar with the culture of aggressive competition and innovation, and Snapchat is like Facebook in that respect. They’re also keenly interested in advertisements, just like Facebook, and who better to know how that works than someone from a similar service at the company that tried to buy them out?

VIA: SlashGear