Snapchat is still not out of the game as they keep bringing new features to the app to make it relevant to its target demographic. The latest update to the app now brings a 3D camera mode so your selfies will become more, well, 3-dimensional and interesting. It will create Snaps that will change in perspective and appearance, depending on how you move your phone when you’re viewing them yourself. While only iOS devices like iPhone X and above can create them, other devices like Android smartphones can view them.

The 3D camera mode can be found along with the various other camera modes available on Snapchat. It combines image and depth data from the front-facing lens of the iPhone X and iPhone 11 devices and will reconstruct a 3D model that “looks and feels like a miniature diorama of what the camera has seen.” While still in the Preview Mode, you can rotate and wiggle your phone around to see the different perspectives that the 3D image brings.

Snapchat is also introducing new 3D Effects that you will be able to find in your Filter Carousel. The effects and filters will add things like confetti, flowers, light streaks, 3D glasses, and other miscellaneous animations. Snapchat says that the 3D camera and the 3D effects can bring “your world and your experience to life” that is the closest you can get to real life.

The 3D selfies can be shared to your contacts in the app or saved on your camera roll and shared on another app. While the 3D camera feature is only for the newer iPhones, other devices will be able to view and interact with the photos. You can give your phone a wiggle when viewing it in a Story and see the different perspectives. However if shared outside the app, you won’t be able to change perspectives.

Hopefully, the 3D camera mode will also be available for Android devices soon. For now, Android users will enjoy just viewing and receiving those 3D photos from Snapchat.


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