Armadillos may look scary (or at least to those who are afraid of mammals with shells) but mostly they’re innocuous and are often victims of road accidents because they’re jittery and nervous when startled. So basically, they’re pretty harmless. But the armadillos in this new Android game are anything but (actually, they hardly look like armadillos) and have one purpose only: to destroy the blocks around them and get you as many points as they can.

Blockadillo is an arcade game where you use the colorful armadillos to smash through the numerous blocks that are surrounding them. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, yes, until you realize that you can only control them by steering left and right but they have a mind of their own when it comes to going up and down. Then it becomes challenging to get them to do what you want. Add to that the fact that the blocks themselves have different abilities and challenges to present to you and your bouncing armadillo.

The game’s setting seems to be in the remains of an ancient culture. You need to solve the puzzles on each level, get out of the deadly traps set for you, collect golden idols, activate ancient machines and basically earn as many points as you can, all while trying to control the armadillos that will get you all that.

The first world of Blockadillo, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store, has 40 levels for you to conquer. The game also has a second level, also with 40 levels, but this time you got to shell out a single in-app purchase to be able to play.