Samsung’s SmartThings Find has been pretty useful for those who often misplace their devices. And with the launch of the Galaxy SmartTag earlier this year, it has become even better at looking for your wallets, bags, keys, and all other items you can attach the tile to. But sometimes it may also be used to track unsuspecting users. So the latest update to SmartThings Find is important as it will let you scan for unknown Smart Tags to avoid situations like that. Plus, you get Bixby to help you look for those missing things.

SmartThings Find gets these two new features to make finding lost things more convenient. The first one is that you will now be able to use Bixby for your SmartTag searches. You can just say, “Hey Bixby, where are my keys” and it will ring your attached SmartTag to your keys. The hands-free, voice-activated way of using SmartThings Find is much more convenient than manually activating and tracking whatever it is you’re looking for.

The other new feature is called Unknown Tag Search. It will be able to detect a Galaxy SmartTag that you didn’t connect to your device. You just have to press a start button and it will be able to scan for unknown tags that are not yours but seem to be moving with you. This is also a good time to remind users that the user data in SmartThings Find is encrypted so only the owner will be able to see the device’s location.

SmartThings Find launched back in October 2020 and since then, more than 70 million devices have been connected to it. The SmartThings ecosystem is also still evolving and in some markets, it is able to analyze electricity usage patterns and gives recommendations how you can be more energy-efficient with your connected devices. SmartThings Air is also a tool in some markets to monitor air quality and suggest adequate settings for air purifiers.

To enjoy the new features for SmartThingsFind, download the latest update from the Google Play Store or from the Galaxy app store. We’ll probably see more innovation from Samsung when it comes to their SmartThings ecosystem later this year.


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