According to new research, 82% of all mobile phones sold in 2017 will be smartphones. Continuing a trend set forth with the iPhone, smartphones are set to dominate the worldwide market. This also takes into account those who’re migrating away from feature phones, and emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia.

Smartphones recently surpassed 50% of global market share, which can be credited heavily to emerging markets. With such devices as the Moto G coming to the world soon, the smartphone trend will continue outpacing feature phones. With lower-cost Android devices, and manufacturers such as Samsung dedicating themselves to the cause of mid-tier devices, the world may soon become more connected than even this research suggests.

By 2017, over 1.8 billion smartphones will have been sold, according to NPD. The data also projects that most of those will be in the 4-inch to 4.9-inch screen size, with only one-third being over 5-inches in size. About 43% of all devices will have an HD screen resolution, with 16% of the market having quad-HD screens.

The growth potential is greater for Android, which offers a variety of lower-cost devices from a myriad of manufacturers. Emerging markets, where the greatest growth potential is, often have concerns about the out-of-pocket amount they spend on devices. Android already dominates with a majority share of the market, and with Apple missing the mark with their iPhone 5C, there are no signs that trend will change any time soon.