The wearable industry may no longer be expanding but it still has the potential to advance albeit slowly. We’ve seen and tried dozens to hundreds of smartwatches already from different OEMs but only a few have really captured our attention. But still, there are many brands that are coming up with their own smartwatch products. The latest is this Smart2Go which is a result of a collaborative project of Fraunhofer FEP under the EU’s Horizon 2020 program. This is a project for now but we don’t doubt it will be available and used commercially.

The idea is to further an autonomous energy-supply platform. With the goal of producing reliable mobile power supplies, this Smart2Go project will start working on a solution.

The project has already started in January with the University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Center working with eight other EU innovation partners. It will go on for the next three years.

An energy-harvesting system and a powerful battery could be part of the solution. We’re assuming wearables like a smartwatch or a fitness tracker will have this in the future.

Details aren’t clear but there is the thought of body heat being harvested and then turned into power. This could mean the need to charge or have a bigger battery is reduced. It sounds impossible or too good to be true but you know how it is today. Technology knows no bounds.

We’re thinking wireless charging will have a lot to do with the new technology. The program will be modular so OEMs can use it to other services and products.

VIA: SlashGear