NVIDIA recently made an announcement on their forums that “less than 1 percent” of their NVIDIA SHIELD Pro Android TV consoles – or those NVIDIA SHIELD units that have the 500GB option for internal storage – have a hard drive issue and needs to be recalled. NVIDIA said that the issue can worsen over time and that the company is willing to replace said units, as they should.

The announcement was posted on the September 6, and listed a few symptoms of this hard drive issue. NVIDIA is asking that owners of the 500GB units test out their SHIELD devices by applying their most recent 1.4 update. Devices with this issue will usually fail applying the update and go to the Fastboot menu with the error. NVIDIA asks that owners of these device contact their customer support for a replacement unit, even if the device recovers from the Fastboot menu error.


Another symptom is “severe and persistent pixelation in all tiles of the top row of the Android TV home screen”. NVIDIA is quick to add that owners should promptly ask for a replacement as this issue, even if it just shows up from time to time, is likely to worsen over time.

NVIDIA in its recall announcement says that they will ship replacements immediately after an RMA is approved, and they will not be waiting for units to arrive at their depots before they ship a replament. Owners are understandably irritated bythe issue, and people are also reminding others that a batch of SHIELD Tablet devices were also recalled recently.