If you travel a lot, being able to watch stuff from your home on your mobile device can be a big deal. If you use an Android tablet when you are on the go a new app has launched that will let you keep up with your favorite content when you are on the go. The SlingPlayer app for Android tablets has launched and it will work on any tablet that has version 3.0 or later of the Android OS.

The app allows the extension of the screen in the living room to the mobile device and supports the video quality and larger screen size the Android tablet offers. The app will work when connected to a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD. The app allows the user to change channels, control the DVR, and watch the content they want to see from anywhere they can get a web connection.

The app isn’t free; it will cost you $29.99 in the US. It is for sale in other countries as well. The SlingPlayer app for Android phone will continue to work in compatibility mode at no costs. That free app would be the way to start and if you like watching on your tablet, the paid app with better quality would be the way to go.


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