Slingbox will soon provide support for Chromecast users. Via their own product forums, a Slingbox employee confirmed they are indeed working on Chromecast support, and will be bringing the functionality “soon”. The addition of Slingbox to Chromecast may seem redundant to some, but the two could work well together in one particula instance.

Slingboxes take your TV content and stream it to various devices like a mobile phone or tablet. Users can take live or recorded content and stream it anywhere from a single box. With Chromecast and Slingbox working in unison, each service has a lot to gain.

Slingbox becomes more desirable, as having one along with a few Chromecasts mean your service can be streamed anywhere. While Slingbox does well with casting to mobile devices, getting content to other HDTVs hasn’t been so easy. Plugging in a Chromecast makes that issue disappear.

Conversely, Chormecast is essentially getting television service. Though the Slingbox will set you back a few hundred bucks, it might be worth it for those who wish to have their content anywhere they go. It may end up being the first essential Chromecast app outside of Netflix.

Unfortunately, the Slingbox is still a relatively niche market. We’d like to see the announcement come with some sort of push to get Slingbox in the hands of more users, or a device that costs a bit less. It remains to be seen how this will be received by the masses, but we think it’s a really strong addition to the Chromecast family.

Via: TechCrunch