While mobile devices (especially ones with great photo-taking features) have made it easier for us to document our lives and take pictures whenever we want, it has also presented us with a big problem. It is difficult to organize and arrange our photos, especially if they’re scattered in different cloud services, various devices, etc. A new Android app wants to help you solve this problem, and give you an easier time and way to delete unnecessary ones, organize the ones left in albums, and share them online if you wish to.

It’s a pain not just to sort through photos (especially if you take a lot!) and then to just have them in one place. SlidePick gives you the capability to do all that in “a simple and agile way”, and you just need your smartphone to do it. It doesn’t matter if your photos are in different devices, uploaded on different cloud services or even saved on your social media accounts. It claims that it can help you centralize all that, and with an intuitive swipe process, you can optimize when and where you can do all that organizing.

You can also create personalized albums within the app itself, choosing which photos go where just through swiping. And any photos you take with your device’s camera is pre-organized into albums as well, but it also gives you the option to move, rename or delete them later on. It also has a cleaning mode that will free up space on your device. The albums are also easy to share, especially on Facebook, where you don’t need to upload each photo one by one, but as an album already.

SlidePick is free to download from the Google Play Store. It’s also pretty easy to use, and as the video suggests, you can do your organizing even while you’re in line at the bank or while stuck in a traffic jam.