Our man in the field, Chris Davies, has his hands on an HTC Desire Z, the European version of the T-Mobile G2, and a full review is afoot! It looks basically all good as he notes that while the Android smartphone market continues to get more flooded, “the bar for what makes a great handset keeps getting higher.” On the other hand, it seems as though you’re going to want to go with the HTC Desire HD unless you’ve just gotta have that keyboard.

Find your way around this Android 2.2 device with HTC’s Sense interface and the wild speed of a 800MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM7230 processor. Marvel at the Desire Z’s screen though ever-so-slightly smaller than that of the Desire HD. Take a video trip across England with your masterful 720p HD video recording! All this and more over at SlashGear.

[Via SlashGear]