Slacker Radio rolled-out a redesign back in mid-February. The redesign touched on both the mobile and desktop sides and as anyone who was listening before and after will realize, there was plenty of changes in terms of looks and functionality. Anyway, while it has only been roughly three months since that update, it seems the folks at Slacker Radio have attracted plenty of new users.

In fact, details shared by the folks at Slacker show them as having added six million new users since the relaunch. Of those six million, 3.5 million of those are mobile listeners. Perhaps key for a service that plans to stick around for a while, Slacker also mentioned they are “gross margin positive on every listener.” The key to that, the positive margin is for paid subscribers as well as free listeners.

Other highlights shared by Slacker include how the average listening time has increased by 25 percent and how they have picked up more than 100,000 new paid subscribers since the relaunch. For those not as familiar with Slacker, aside from them being a streaming music service — they offer a few options for listeners to choose from. Slacker has an option to listen for free as well as two paid levels.

They claim to be the “most complete music service on Earth” which just speaks of the options listeners have available when it comes to how and what you listen to. Those listening for free can do so on the desktop or a mobile device, however the paid listeners will see additional features. In addition to radio-like streaming, Slacker also offers on-demand access. In total, Slacker has 13 million tracks in the library as well as channels for news, sports, talk radio and more.

[via Business Wire]