Skype without video chat seemed a bit absurd to me honestly, but yesterday Skype finally brought it to a few Android devices. Well developers aren’t just going to sit around and let four phones have all the fun! A version of the apk has been modified and is now up for download which is working on additional devices.

It turns out that the app itself simply had an array of devices that it was allowed to run on. The developer pulser saw that Skype wouldn’t let him video chat on his Galaxy S II, and wouldn’t have any of it. He has now published an APK which has the restriction removed.

It is important to note that just because the app will not refuse to work on your phone because of this fix, it is NOT guaranteed that it won’t be buggy, or simply force close on your particular phone. There are several devices that have reported it working though including the EVO 3D EVO 4G, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.

There is no centralized database yet, and the reports coming in are only single cases, so custom ROMs and other modifications could alter success. For now the only way to see if it will work is to download the apk, install it and hope for the best. Follow the instructions below and let us know what phone you have and if it works or not.

1) Download the apk here. (Preferably from on your phone)

1b) Move the apk to your phone’s internal storage or SD card if you didn’t download it straight to your phone.

2) Click on the apk either in downloads, or wherever you moved it to (You will need a file manager to do this).

3) Try it out and let us know how it works!

[via VillianROM]