We’ve heard that Skype is planning some kind of video messaging service a few times in the past, but today the rumored feature is rearing its head once again. This time around, it’s Skype’s Terms of Service that hold the details, confirming video messaging and going into detail about what users will be able to do. Needless to say, Skype’s premium members will enjoy more freedom when it comes to video messaging.

Specifically, the updated Skype ToS says that premium members can send and receive an unlimited amount of video messages. If you’re not shelling out $8.99 a month to be a premium member, the amount of video messages you can receive is unlimited, though the number you can send has a cap. We’re not quite sure what that cap is, but you can bet that Skype will probably make it just low enough to annoy you into buying a premium subscription.

There are other limitations placed on free members – for instance, the video messages you receive will be deleted after 90 days. Of course, you can prevent that from happening by upgrading, but it’s also worth pointing out that messages sent by premium members won’t expire. For premium members, video messages don’t expire, which is yet another reason to upgrade that Skype account of yours.

There isn’t any word on when this new feature will roll out, but with it popping up today in the Skype Terms of Service, it can’t be too far off. We’re assuming this feature will be available on all platforms eventually – which means sending video messages from your Android phone or tablet – but until Skype officially confirms video messaging, it’s hard to make that call. We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground for new details, and we’ll be sure to update you if we hear anything!

[via IT World]