Skype has been on an update spree lately, both major and minor. And it looks like the communications app is not done bringing changes and improvements to users. They’ve now released version 8.3 and this includes a new dark theme to make it easier on the eyes, another option for organizing chats, and a way to let you know if a contact is online by looking at your chats. These may not be major changes, but if you use Skype often, then this should be something helpful.

We’re used to Skype’s light interface as it has been that way ever since. But developers are now realizing that users want to have the option of having a theme that’s easier on the eyes. Microsoft has done this as well as now with Skype as you can now choose from light or dark themes. It will look nicer (well if you’re into the dark theme, that is) and of course you can last longer on the app with this theme.

While the normal organization of your chats is based on recent activities, you also now have the option of seeing them in another way by unread and active. And speaking of active, you can now see a small green icon as an activity indicator in your chats to show who is currently online. This is useful especially for those that have a lot of ongoing chats for personal reasons or for work.

You can update your Skype app to version 8.3 by visiting its Google Play page. Let’s wait for more updates in the future.