Continuous updates and improvements is the name of the game in the highly competitive world of communication apps, and pioneer Skype knows this very well. The latest update to their mobile app includes not just improvements in the call quality, but as well as the simplification and streamlining of some call and voice message features. There may be a lot of newer players in the market, but Skype has the advantage of being in the “maturity” stage and therefore they supposedly know what their new and current users are looking for.

First up in the update, if you’re in a call and the person who started the call has to hang up, this doesn’t mean that the call will have to end. Regardless of who joins or leaves the conversation, the call will continue as long as there are still people in the group call. The “call phones” tab has also now been simplified into the “Calls” tab. With just one tap, you’ll be able to either make a free audio or video Skype-to-Skype call or call a landline or mobile device using Skype credit. It will also now be easier to purchase those credits so you can make calls to whomever you want by using the app.


People rarely leave or use voicemail messages now, at least the standard ones. So Skype has decided to revamp that feature/section. When your call isn’t answered, you’ll know see options for you to get in touch with that person. You can either send a Chat Message or Video Message, or if you’re persistent, retry the call. If you still want to leave a voice message you still can, just fix the settings. But you will not be able to have things like custom voicemail greetings, email notifications and SMS transcriptions anymore.


You can update your Skype Android app from the Google Play page, if the update rollout has reached your account already. Expect even more good news or new features in the coming months, as Skype has to be as competitive as they can over the appearance of newer and younger communication and messaging apps.