Skype is still very much in the running for messaging and video calling app of choice, both for professional and personal purposes. Just last month introduced screen sharing on their Windows Insider program so users can record and share their video calls. Now this feature is rolling out to all Android users along with some new redesigned features for the app itself. You get a one-tap full screen tool as well as a new “…” menu to be able to access other features easily.

The screen sharing feature is something that you can use when you need to teach someone how to use a phone or an app or if you’re shopping and you need your friend’s advice on what to get or for work when you need to collaborate with someone without needing to open your computer. The idea is that whatever’s on your phone’s screen will be shared to whomever you want and even recorded for posterity’s sake.

The update also has a newly redesigned “…” menu where the screen sharing button can be found. Under that overflow menu, you will also see the other useful tools that you may want to use like call recording, subtitles, add people, etc. It will make your app and screen clutter free while at the same time keeping the tools on the ready.

The mobile calling redesign from Skype also makes it easier to keep your screen simple and clean. While you’re on a video call, just tap it once and the call controls will disappear. Double tap it and all other elements on the screen will also be removed. Then if you need to bring the controls back, just tap on it once again.

Update your Skype app to the latest version to be able to enjoy all these new features.