The battle between messaging apps continues to heat up as they try to outdo each other, or basically just copy the features that have worked for one and tweak it to add something new. You have Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, Messenger all adding new, creative ways to communicate with your colleagues and loved ones. Skype is also joining the fray by introducing four new features that would give you more room to express yourself when you’re doing video calls or even just sending messages.

When you’re on a video call, you can now react more creatively through live emoticons or live text. You can even take photos of yourself and send them while you’re still on the call. It should make your video calls, especially if it’s a group call, even crazier. And when you’re just simply messaging, you now have multiple reactions that you can send. Whether you’re voting on something or expressing your excitement over an announcement, you can use these emoticons to react better.

Skype also now has an integrated camera so that you can add emoticons, stickers, and even text annotations when you take a picture using this, and them share them immediately with whomever you’re chatting with. And if you want to share a link to an article, a video, or just information you want to share with your loved one, you now have a find panel where you can look for those things, without having to leave the app and switch back and forth.

However, these new features are only available for Skype Preview users for now as they’re still testing it out. So expect that it will also still have some bugs so it’s important that you give them your feedback.