We’ve seen digital assistants being integrated into our conversations with loved ones and colleagues, with the intention of making our lives easier. But the not-so-secret other reason for that is so that you will not have to leave the app when you need to know something or do something in another app because there is a chance that you won’t come back (well, unless the conversation is really important of course). Now it’s Microsoft’s turn to add their digital assistant Cortana into your Skype chats, for whatever reason you may need it.

One of the things that a Cortana integration can do is to make smart and useful suggestions based on what you’re talking about, whether it’s where to get dinner or what movie to watch the next day. It will give you options or show you reviews to help you make decisions on what to do or where to go to. It will also give you smart replies so you don’t even need to type out what you want to say. Just like with other assistants, you have to use it a lot so it can understand your digital behavior.

It can also help you do things like create a reminder or add something to your calendar without having to leave the app. You will receive notifications on all of your devices where you have enabled Cortana so that you will really not forget anything. Cortana is also available as a contact on your Skype app so you can actually chat with it to ask for the weather, get directions to where you’re going, check your flight status, recommend the best restaurants, etc.

The update is gradually rolling out to users. You can check if it’s ready for you by going to the Skype Google Play page.