The Skype app is already fully functional as it is for your communication needs as you can chat with your contacts, make voice and video calls, interact with bots as well, etc. But apparently, Microsoft wants to bring you several steps higher with a new app called Skype Mingo. Although it’s still in alpha mode, meaning it probably won’t work perfectly just yet, it is now available for your Android device should you want to give it a try.

Basically, Skype Mingo still has all the features of Skype that we know and love but is more “souped up” in a sense that it is also has full phone functionality. You can use it as a dialler app, if you’re bored with your phone’s default app. You can also use it as your default text messaging app, in case you’re more used to messaging on Skype than on your own text messaging interface. Previously, Skype indicated it will bring its SMS relay features to Android, just like the Skype Preview app on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

The Mingo app basically is competing with the likes of Facebook’s Messenger and What’s App in trying to become your mobile communications center. It is further indication that Skype is moving from being a desktop-centric app into becoming more mobile, as is the direction that Microsoft has been taking for some years now.

You can download Skype Mingo on the Google Play Store for free. But since it’s still in alpha mode, don’t expect it to be fully functional as they will still be fixing some bugs.