While having multiple devices is the new normal for most people, it can be a pain to receive notifications on all of them. Your desktop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch all buzzing at the same time for the same app can be tedious and alarming. Skype has found a solution to that for their chat notifications, as you can will now only receive it on the device that you’re currently using.

If you’re chatting with your friends on your tablet but you’re still logged in to the app on your other devices (as is usually the case), you’ll only be able to receive the new message notifications on your tablet since it can detect that it’s the current gadget you’re using. And because Skype has previously introduced the read messages synchronisation across all devices, you’re also assured that when you open your chat on your smartphone later on, you won’t be flooded with many unread messages.

Once you’ve stopped using Skype Chat on your current gadget, all of your logged in devices will once again receive the notifications. But once you start using a certain gadget again, it will only buzz you where you are and stop notifications on all the other ones. But don’t worry, your chat history will still synchronise across all your devices so you can just pick up your conversations wherever is more convenient for you.

The update will roll-out through various app stores and devices in the next few weeks. If you don’t have Skype yet on your Android smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, you can download it through the Google Play Store and wait for the update to arrive in your gadget.