Skype may not be the most popular messaging app anymore but they still have a pretty big user base. And Microsoft continues to try and capture that market that is in between using messaging apps for personal reasons and for work-related reasons. They’re now introducing a new feature in their Skye Insider program aka their beta testers that rivals like Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp don’t have yet: Screen Sharing. While a lot of smaller but work-related apps have this, the major consumer ones don’t so it’s an advantage for Skype at this point.

Microsoft announced this new feature, stating that “your device is no longer a limitation” since you will now be able to share what’s going on in your screen while you’re Skype-ing with someone. Using Screen Sharing seems to be pretty simple. While on your video call, tap on the three dots on the lower right of the screen and you’ll tap the Share Screen option next to Add People, Start Recording, and Send a Heart.

The app will tell you that everything on your screen, including your notifications, will be recorded and shared with whoever you’re video calling with. You can always enable the “do not disturb” option if you don’t want any notification to interrupt your video call and screen sharing. Just tap Start Broadcast and your screen sharing will commence.

Skype gave some examples on how screen sharing will be useful for you. You can share a powerpoint presentation while on a video call with your coworkers. For personal reasons, you can share what you’re seeing and swiping on your Tinder app so your friend can help you swipe left or right.

This is only available for Skype Insider users though but if we look at how they’ve previously rolled out from beta to stable, you can expect this feature to be available in less than a month.