People are predicting that there will come a day when brand apps won’t be needed anymore because everyone will be communicating with their favorite apps and services through bots on their chosen messaging places. We’re seeing a growing trend in apps like Facebook’s Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and so this future is a definite possibility. Skype has also been getting into the bot market and in their latest update, they’re introducing a few new partner-inspired bots to help you get the information and service that you need.

For those who love to travel, having the Skyscanner Bot will be pretty useful, as you can search for cheap flights, live prices, different route options, based on your specific location preferences. You’ll only have to leave Skype when you click on the details of the flight that you’re interested in. The Hipmunk Bot meanwhile gives you the best flight, hotel, and travel advice based on price, vacation theme, or even specify that you want the least agonizing kind of trip.


The StubHub Bot gets you into the largest ticket marketplaces. Find out when your favorite artist or performer or experience is in town and it will give you the information, including ticket prices, all on your Skype messaging window. The IFTTT Bot will give you automated messages from the other apps, depending on the triggers that you have made. This includes social media notifications, breaking news, other messaging app notifications, weather update, etc.

To enjoy these bots, as well as a host of other ones available on the app, make sure your Skype app is updated to the latest version. They’re also working with developers to bring you more bot experiences later on.