A few months after their announcement that Skype support was finally coming to Amazon Echo devices, we finally have it going live. Alexa will now be able to make calls to more than 150 countries through your Skype account and there’s even an added incentive of free Alexa calls if you link the two accounts.

The setup to link your Skype account to your Echo device is pretty simple but obviously, you need to have both for this to work. On your Alexa app on your Android device, go to the Settings page and then go to the Communications section.

You’ll now see Skype there and it will ask you to log in to your account. Your contacts will then be saved in Amazon’s cloud so you can ask Alexa to make calls for you through voice commands. And if you don’t have the contact saved, you can still ask Alexa to place the call by reading out the number.

If you need more incentive to connect your
Skype to your Echo device, they are giving you 100 minutes of free Alexa calls per month for the next two months once your two accounts together. You will also be able to receive calls hands-free just by saying, “Alexa, answer”. If you have an Echo device with display, you can also make video calls of course.

Skype will work on various Echo devices including the original, 2nd here nation, Echo Plus devices, Echo Dot devices, Echo Show, and Echo Spot. You can place calls in up to 150 countries but in order to avail of the two months of free Skype calls, you need to be in the 34 countries that support it, including the US, Canada, China, UK, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea.

VIA: SlashGear