Skyhook, a company in the business of location based services, is suing Google over patent infringement for their triangulation services as well as forcing handset manufacturers to use Google’s services in favor of Skyhook. The lawsuit was filed in State court and details that Google’s Android platform made it impossible for them to conduct business on the devices, despite the “open” nature of the OS.

“There was a time when Google tried to compete fairly with Skyhook.  But once Google realized its positioning technology was not competitive, it chose other means to undermined Skyhook and damage and attempt to destroy its position in the marketplace for location positioning technology. … Google wielded its control over the Android operating system, as well as other Google mobile applications such as Google Maps, to force device manufacturers to use its technology rather than that of Skyhook, to terminate contractual obligations with Skyhook, and to otherwise force manufacturers to sacrifice superior end user experience with Skyhook by threatening directly or indirectly to deny timely and equal access to evolving versions of the Android operating system and other Google mobile applications.” Skyhook vs. Google complaint

Google’s own location based services are free, the argument that Skyhook is offering is that their own services are better, which makes them the best choice for handset manufacturers. The claim regarding Motorola states that Google took advantage of it’s relationship with Motorola, and other manufacturers, ultimately having them block Skyhook before the devices could be approved.

Google has yet to respond.

[Via GIGAom]