Android tablet users now have a new app that will let them keep track of the stuff they like to follow in one place. The app is SkyGrid for Tablets. The app has been around for a while for smartphones landed for tablets last week. It requires Android 1.6 and higher to operate. Using the app, you can keep track of news on just about anything you want.

You can track celebrities, sports, politics, news and just about anything else. The UI for the tablet version is custom designed to take advantage of larger screen. The app offers notifications of the exact interests you follow and you it has a what’s hot section to find news happening right now. The app also makes it easy to share the news you find interesting.

The app has links for sharing news you like via Facebook, Twitter, and Email. The app sources news from over a million sources to ensure you get what you want when you want it. The tech inside the app will find news trending the fastest using its Information Velocity algorithm and deliver updates you the user based on that information.

[via TMCnet]