If you’re using Microsoft’s SkyDrive for your cloud storage needs, don’t be concerned about the incoming update. SkyDrive will now be known as OneDrive, with the Android app seeing an update. Not only new in name, the app has a sightly tweaked interface, as well as some tricks to get free storage.

Microsoft is changing the name of their cloud storage in response to a lawsuit filed by Sky Broadcasting in the UK. We’re sure you can see the correlation in naming, and it confused consumers as well. Sky operates all their entities by placing “Sky” in front of whatever it is the service does. A judge ruled that the cloud storage solution from Microsoft was close enough to cause confusion for users, some of whom thought Sky Broadcasting actually operated SkyDrive, and called them with questions and complaints.

If you don’t use SkyDrive, you’ll get 7GB free just for signing up. Each person you successfully refer to OneDrive gets you 500MB, up to 10 people (5GB). Using the auto camera backup feature will get you an additional 3GB. Really, if you use OneDrive as you would, say, Google Drive — you end up with 10GB storage, free and clear. If you end up referring enough people, it’s 15GB out the door. Not bad.

The app is of course renamed, but is also seeing a UI update. It’s nothing too drastic, but Microsoft clearly took the opportunity in changing their name to make some wanted changes. OneDrive is similar is look and feel to other cloud storage solutions, so it’s really a matter of preference. That 10GB free might persuade you, if you need more virtual storage.

Source: OneDrive

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