T-Mobile has always been known for its crazing unboxing activities. The last one we featured was for the Galaxy S9 and S9 when Un-Carrier took us to the “moon”. We remember that underwater unboxing and the world’s fastest unboxing. Today, the company is taking the new Samsung Galaxy S10, all three models, up in the sky again in one insane unboxing video. It’s crazy because the new smartphones are used during skydiving. Desmond Smith joins a team of skydiver to test the devices.

Do you think this is crazy? Watch the full video below:

We’d like to think this is “normal” now for T-Mobile. It’s one brand that offers bold products and services so no wonder its employees and executives are also bold.

Actually, the phones have been unboxed while still on land. They’re just used to record the skydiving attempts. Most parts of the video were shot on different Galaxy S10 units so you know this feature is already an ultimate demo.

Our initial concern is: what if the phone falls? The video shows the units are held by accessories or some sort of a sturdy-looking selfie stick. Of course, these people are also professional skydivers so they really know what they are doing.

Oh wait, did Des jump?


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