Skitch for Android has recently been updated. This latest update brings the app to version 2.7 and is already available by way of the Google Play Store. This one didn’t bring a lengthy changelog like we often like to see, but it did bring some improvements to the toolbars.

Simply put, the folks at Evernote have improved Skitch with “redesigned tool and style bars.” These are now sitting as two circle icons, one in the lower left and one in the lower right hand corners and when tapped, they expand along the sides.

Sitting in the lower left you have options to change the color and the thickness. Sitting in the lower right you have options including pixelate, marker, text entry, arrows, and more. The bars expand when being used, and collapse when not in active use to give more on-screen room for editing.

Bottom line here, same functionality that you had with Skitch, but now just a bit easier to access. Otherwise, along with the new and improved toolbars — there was also mention of a “ton of improvements and bug fixes for even better performance.

The latest update for Skitch can be found in the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Evernote Blog