SKIT! is a described as being a photo animation app. Rather simply, the SKIT! app allows users to turn their images into short animated videos. The app comes complete with the necessary goodies. To that point, the folks behind the app have said that means “hundreds of free stickers, characters, and props.”

SKIT! allows users to begin with images stored locally on their device, or with images that have already been uploaded to Facebook. Keeping with the social connection, once your animated video masterpiece has been completed — you can share out to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or by email. The developer has also implemented a community aspect with SKIT!.

“Other apps focus on manipulating photos with baked-in graphics. The result is a single frame static message. With SKIT!, photos come to life with motion: they breathe and walk, stickers animate, and FX are cinematic. The best part, every story shared can be continued or remixed by the viewers — nothing is baked-in, which unlocks a really fun form of collaborative creativity,” said SKIT! Co-founder Robin Johnson.

First, the app allows you to create a personal profile, which means friends and followers. The developer also has a YouTube channel setup where they frequently share some of the uploads. The December 2013 video can be seen here in the post, but otherwise, you’ll be able to see all the individual videos on the channel.

Along with regular everyday stickers and characters, SKIT! also gets into the holiday spirit. In this case that means the “Valentine’s Crush Skit” which is described as offering beautiful love-themed backgrounds, card templates, competitions, and other exclusive items. SKIT! can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore.

VIA: TechCrunch

SOURCE: MarketWired