If you have a Sprint Galaxy Tab, then you know the activation message every boot up can be quite the annoyance. There are many ways to get rid of it on the other carrier’s devices but, for some reason, these all do not work too well with the Sprint device. Well leave it to the smart developers at XDA to find a way past this message.

XDA member mmathai77 has posted a quick and easy step-by-step process that will allow you to get rid of this annoyance. The process is relatively simple and only requires you to be rooted with access to Root Explorer or other app that lets you modify files in the root of the device, but, as aways you should be careful.

To get rid of the message:

  • Use Root explorer and go to: /system/app/
  • Put the folder in R/W mode (look at top for button)
  • Now look for: sprintadroidextension.apk
  • Long hold press it, copy it and paste it in another folder as backup.
  • Go back to /system/app/ and long hold press sprintadroidextension.apk again and Delete it.
  • Put the folder back in R/O mode.

That’s it, restart once more to see that the device will not display an activation message!

[Via XDA]