If you’re looking for a fashionable wearable that does all the basic functions that you can expect from a smartwatch, there are tons of products currently in the market that you can actually take a look at. But if you prefer Danish brands and those that don’t really look like a functional smartwatch but more like a fashion piece, then Skagen’s Falster is an Android Wearable that you should probably consider. It is understated but “secretly” functional and it costs just $275.

This smartwatch is still part of the Fossil Group that probably releases a new wearable every few weeks or so. Skagen is one of their brands and the Falster Wear OS looks like one of the smallest in the market despite its 42mm size. It has a circular OLED screen which can display time 24/7 without draining the battery so much. However, if you use its smart functions constantly, then, of course, the charge will just last you a day.

Tap the crown on the watchface to go to its smart features, like notifications, email, calendar, transaction, etc. You also get Android Fit but you’ll have to rely on motion sensors for your activity tracking features since you don’t have GPS, LTE, or a heart rate sensor. This is also to maintain its “petite form” so that you can still be fashionable unlike the bulkier smartwatches available elsewhere.

The Skagen Falster with the base leather band costs just $275 while the steel mesh variant, which makes it look more like a normal watch, is at $295. If you want just a basic smartwatch that looks cool and fashionable, then this is something worth looking at.

SOURCE: Skagen