SK Hynix Inc. is proud to reveal its 8GB LPDDR4X mobile DRAM. The company said it’s the first highest density in the world but we remember Samsung already has their 8GB Low Power Double Data Rate 4 (LPDDR4) package. We’d easily believe SK Hynix if we didn’t know about Samsung’s 8GB RAM module. This new one though is said to be the highest in the LPDDR4X standard that runs on ultra-low voltage.

Its Data I/Os boasts of better power efficiency compared to some 1.1V in LPDDR4. The new module can actually process about 34.1GB of data/second (Gbps) with 64-bit I/O despite its very small form at only 12mm x 12.7mm.

The product is almost fully ready and the group actually expects it to be used and installed in future mobile devices that will be released in the market. This one is a winner when we’re talking about compactness, high performance, and battery use.

SK Hynix’s Head of DRAM Product Development Division’s Senior Vice President Jonghoon Oh is proud of this mobile. He said that the company “would help mobile device users maximize their experiences”. He also mentioned that SK Hynix has “plans to expand the usage of the product to various applications such as high end laptops and automotive electronics as well as mobile gadgets”.