Here are the first ever images of the highly anticipated Lenovo OPhone sizemodo against the iPhone 3G and iPhone.  As far as size goes, the OPhone definitely holds its own against the two giants.  The OPhone measures in at 115.84 x 61.57 x 57.12.03mm, which is only 1mm larger than the original iPhone in all dimensions.  Located on the left hand side right next to the volume rocker lives a slot for a microSD card.   According to the website, OPhone support is capable of supporting microSD card size of 16GB.

Unlike the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, the 3.5mm headphone jack is located at the bottom right hand side of the OPhone.  The microUSB slot for synching and charging is placed to the left of the headphone jack.

There’s a dedicated camera button on the right hand side.

One of the main reasons that I’m still carrying a Nokia N95 8GB NAM (now sporting the new N85 NAM edition) is because of the 5MP camera and flash.  Unfortunately both of these features are missing from the iPhone 3G.  Seems as though Lenovo has thought long and hard about these two features and have included them into the OPhone.  Another much needed feature is a removable battery.

I’m looking forward to next year for the OPhone to hit the market; I’ll fly to China if I have to – to buy one of these babies!  Obviously, I suspect the OPhone will show up at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Sina Blog [via Gizmodo]