Finney Blockchain Smartphone

The blockchain fever is just starting. Aside from the HTC Exodus and Opera crypto wallet, there’s also the FINNEY dual screen we told you about last July. If you may remember, Foxconn and Sirin were also believed to be teaming up to make a blockchain phone. As it turns out, it’s really the Finney. SIRIN LABS has finally and officially announced the first blockchain smartphone in the world. The device is about to hit the market

Foxconn International Holding was Sirin Labs partner in making this blockchain phone a reality. A crowdfunding was started and now the phone is ready to go commercial.

FINNEY, as the first blockchain phone is priced at $999. It has Lionel Messi as a brand ambassador so we can see the people behind the product are serious with the campaign.

It’s open for pre-sale for now for SRN token holders. You can check the SIRIN LABS website and place your order from there if you want to be one of the first to receive the phone.

What makes the Finney useful and special is the embedded cold storage crypto wallet. If you’re intro cryptocurrency, you can be worry-free when you use the Finney.

A couple of flagship concept stores will be opened by Sirin Labs. One will be this December in London and another one in January in Tokyo. The phone will also be ready next year from the Amazon Launchpad.

If you’re still not familiar with blockchain, Sirin Labs will be happy to educate you with the help of the blockchain academy.

To review, Foxconn manufactured the device. The main operating system running on the blockchain phone is SIRIN OS.

The Embedded Cold Storage Wallet is to protect a user’s private keys and securely generate transactions. The idea is to deliver a full separate hardware from the device hardware while protecting a private key, sign secure blockchain transactions, and connect to an internet-enabled native wallet application.

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