There is no shortage of note taking apps available for Android users. Two of the more well known are Evernote and Google Keep, however a new addition has recently arrived in the Play Store. Though, while this latest is a new addition to Android, it is already an established player in the world of productivity apps.

The app is Simplenote and it is available by way of the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore. Simplenote is free to download and free to use and brings the promise of having the “same focus on speed and efficiency as the existing iOS app.” So there you go, another app that made a mark on iOS before finally jumping over to Android.

That bitterness aside, one perk of Simplenote is actually the cross-platform availability. In fact, the folks behind the Simplenote app have said a redesigned web version is coming soon, as well as a Mac version. Simply put, those Android users ready to give Simplenote a try can rest assured in knowing they will be able to have access to their notes even without their smartphone handy.

Anyway, once Simplenote has been downloaded and installed you have a few options to consider. New users will be able to create an account right from their smartphone. Alternatively, you can also begin using the app without any account. Of course, those going that route will be limited to accessing those notes only on their smartphone. Otherwise, Simplenote touts features such as cross-platform availability, tags and search as well as backups, syncing and sharing.

SOURCE: Simplenote