One of the most popular simulation games that EA has for computer gamers is SimCity. This is the game where you get to build up your city, its infrastructure, and you can then destroy it with natural disasters if you want. Fans of SimCity will be excited to hear that EA is bringing a new SimCity game called SimCity BuildIt to Android.

The game will allow players to build, craft, and create cities and it will land on Google Play soon. The game is specifically designed for use on mobile devices. Many of the details of the game are unknown for now.

EA says that the game will be unlike previous versions on other platforms. Players will get to make choices to evolve their cities in different ways. Bad decision will make the virtual citizens of the city angry with the player.

The game will support gestures like pinch, zoom, and rotate. Lots of building types will be offered and the game will use 3D graphics. The exact launch date for the game is unknown at this time.

SOURCE: Eurogamer