The name Will Wright might not ring a bell for many but popular games like The Sims, Sim City and more should all be plenty familiar. Creator Will Wright has recently detailed his newest game, HiveMind and we are now hearing it will also be coming to Android phones and tablets.

With HiveMind the user wont be controlling virtual people and walking around Sims style — instead you’ll be living and playing yourself. He aims to fully bring our real lives into a videogame. The idea sounds a bit scary, but at the same time is quite awesome and I’m looking forward to hearing more details on this unique idea.

Thanks to DroidGamers for the awesome picture this game actually has a lot more to offer than just alternate reality gameplay. HiveMind will be a game of ourselves. Players will be able to interact with our social network site and identities, mobile phones and tablets, twitter, places we visit, other games we play and more will all be integrated into HiveMind.

If this sounds sort of like check-ins you’d be right — but it’s actually highly involved and evolved into a full-fledged game. The idea of virtual reality blending with real life is a scary thought to many I’m sure — not to mention something we’ve seen in plenty of Hollywood movies in the past. The game will customize itself based on the player and obviously things like Facebook integration will be completely opt-in and not required. We are hearing most internet connected devices including smart TV’s will also work for when players watch a big game, or the latest movie.

Privacy will be a huge concern for many so this is getting extra attention and most likely the developers and Will Wright are taking extreme precautionary measures with privacy. We don’t know much about this new game yet, but expect to hear and hopefully see more now that it’s 2012.

[via SlashGear]