Silence for Android has recently been updated. For those unfamiliar, Silence is an app that will allow you to automate certain processes. I have been using Silence for a while now and was happy to see that the app has been updated. But more important, that this update arrived as more than a small bug fixer and instead brought some new features — including one that will make it a bit easier and a bit quicker to set a schedule based on your calendar.

The Silence app is currently sitting at version 2.0.1 where it remains available for free and for devices running Android 2.1 or later. The few catches with that, the free version is ad-supported, however those looking to ditch the ads can buy the Silence Unlocker (a separate) app for $1.99. On the subject of the version, while Silence will run on devices back to 2.1, some of the features require 2.3 Gingerbread or even 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.


With those details out of the way, lets get into the more exciting part — the new features that have come along with 2.0. Current Silence users will likely notice the new look and feel. The layout is described as being simple and intuitive and it is hard to disagree with that. In fact, while there are other automation types of apps available, Silence is nice because it is easy to use. The app launches and to get started you tap the “Add New Event” button. From here it gives the options to create an event from scratch or to use an existing calendar event.

We think you get the point about it being easy. The Use an Existing Calendar Event option deals with a new feature of Silence 2.0 (and requires Ice Cream Sandwich). This is listed as being integration with Google Calendar and really just means that you can now choose an existing calendar event to schedule a process. If you click to use an existing calendar event you will be prompted to choose which calendar (assuming you have multiple) and then to find the specific event.

Regardless of which path you choose — calendar event or add new event, you will have the same toggles available. These include everything from ringers and notifications, media, alarms, airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Data. The Mobile Data toggle is another new feature in this version and is noted as being in beta. This toggle also requires Gingerbread or later. Other new additions in Silence 2.0 include support for repeating events “until” a certain date and being able to toggle media and alarm volumes with the ability to set specific volume levels for each sound toggle.

Basically, Silence 2.0 has added new features and has arrived with a new look and feel. If you are already using Silence, this seems like a worthy update. If you are still considering this app, v2.0 seems like like a good time to check it out. You can find Silence for Android in the Google Play Store by following this link.