SignEasy has updated their Android app, promising a complete redesign. The new app is touted as being simpler to use, and functional across more document types. Users can also add custom images or stamps, and forward signed documents along via email, or store them in the cloud.

SignEasy is a really useful tool for those times when you’re mobile, but need to sign a document. Essentially, SignEasy creates an overlay of your signature, and then allows you to place it on the document where it’s needed. You can resize the signature, and place it in multiple spots. If needed, you can also print your name and/or date, placing them as well.

Once you’re done signing, SignEasy creates a document type of your choosing with the signature. You can then forward it along to someone else, or store it in the cloud for wider availability. If more than one signature is needed, you can accommodate up to three via the app.

For those times in life when a signature is needed quickly, SignEasy comes in really handy. Anyone who has purchased a home knows that sometimes getting signed paperwork in first is the difference between getting the home of your dreams and continuing to search. SignEasy is currently available for free on the Play Store.