SIGNAL Auto Spam Block Feature

Signal has been receiving a lot of updates and improvements lately. Just a few months ago, we learned that it was beta testing broadcast and announcement groups. There was also the disappearing messages as default and the payment system in the UK. More features have been added too to welcome WhatsApp users. We can expect more changes will be introduced in the coming year. The latest has something to do with making first impressions on Signal. The Signal teams believe you can always improve first impressions.

The goal of Signal has always been security and privacy. It has a number of measures to keep Signal users safe from unwanted messages, spam, or data. It remains a free communication service but still keeps your contacts and conversations always protected and private.

The latest update includes a new new server software that can detect spammers. There are also changes to client apps.

The Signal community is rapidly growing. This means more spammers are targeting users. One improvement that can help filter out unnecessary messages include Message Requests. This feature allows you to see more information before accepting, blocking, or deleting a message from someone not in your contacts list yet. Another change is blurring of profile pictures for all conversations initiated by contacts not yet saved.

URLs are also no longer linked on the message request screen. This prevents you from clicking and heading to websites outside Signal.

If an unwanted or unknown inbound message gets in, you can report it as spam. You can also block the user right away. Use the Report Spam and Block feature to experience Signal’s security guarantee.


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