Video calling on messaging apps is surely becoming the norm as it is almost always part of their newest updates. But of course what makes the video calling on the Signal app stand out is that, just like with its text messages, you get end-to-end encryption with it. They were actually testing out this feature with beta users, but now, with the release of version 3.31.4, all Signal users will be able to use this, together with a couple of other new things that come with the update.

Not only do you get to enjoy free, private and safe voice calls from within the app, but this also means that the quality of your voice calls will significantly improve. So if you don’t feel like showing yourself to another person or if you don’t have the proper attire for a video call, the next best thing would be the voice call which are of course, also encrypted from end-to-end.

The update also lets Signal establish a peer to peer connection for the voice and video calls. Not only will this help in reducing call latency, but even more important for some people, your IP address will not be exposed to your remote calling peer. We’ve seen it on TV shows before, where they are able to trace where a person is through the IP address when they send a message or a voice over WiFi call.

The default setting is that they will go through a P2P connection if you’re initiating the call or receiving a call from one of your contacts. But if you’re receiving a call from someone not in your address book, then it will relay the call through the Signal service. The update has already started rolling out to Signal users so go check your Google Play page.

SOURCE: Signal