We’ve been really pumped up and excited about having found ShootMe since we first happened upon it in early December 2010. We added it to SlashApps of course, then noting the fact that although the app said that all users attempting to utilize the app would have to be rooted in order to have it work, it worked for all of our non-rooted phones just fine. Now we’ve got a bit of a dilemma. There’s a brand new version that not only takes screenshots, it captures screen video as well, recording your every move in video form. That’s not the problem though, the problem is that we’ve had many conflicting reports in the forums of it either working or NOT working on non-rooted phones.

Our question to you is – what’s the verdict? If you had the 0.7.5 version like we did back in December, did it work non-rooted then? And if you’ve got the app updated to the new version now, does it work for you, rooted or non-rooted? What device and Android version are you running? Let us know!