We’ve been really pumped up and excited about having found ShootMe since we first happened upon it in early December 2010. We added it to SlashApps of course, then noting the fact that although the app said that all users attempting to utilize the app would have to be rooted in order to have it work, it worked for all of our non-rooted phones just fine. Now we’ve got a bit of a dilemma. There’s a brand new version that not only takes screenshots, it captures screen video as well, recording your every move in video form. That’s not the problem though, the problem is that we’ve had many conflicting reports in the forums of it either working or NOT working on non-rooted phones.

Our question to you is – what’s the verdict? If you had the 0.7.5 version like we did back in December, did it work non-rooted then? And if you’ve got the app updated to the new version now, does it work for you, rooted or non-rooted? What device and Android version are you running? Let us know!


  1. That fact that it stated that you needed to have your phone Rooted, immediately turned me way from installing and using the App. Which in turn was a HUGE let down. Get me the App for NON ROOTED phones and I’ll gladly install and use! Heck I’d pay for it!

    BOO ROOTing!

  2. @nativeX

    Really? Boo root?

    Aside from that comment, everyone knows that unless you want to download the SDK and use the clunky method of taking screenshots, you’re going to ‘typically’ need root for this sort of thing. I say typically because unless you use a certain launcher or previous version of ShootMe, there wasn’t exactly many other ways of doing this.

    • how do you root tho? im so lost! mines wont work with that, & of course enabling my lower level graphics in which a rep for geek squad already helped me with! PLEASSEEEE HELP!

  3. HTC Incredible won’t run it without root. Get a “Failed starting server…” message.

    I’ll just have to live without ShootMe, since I’m happy with HTC Sense and don’t feel the need to root.

  4. Jeez, everyone that has an Android phone should have a rooted phone! We all know that “I’m perfectly happy with Sense/Blur/Touchwiz/Stock” and “I see no need to root my phone” generally means “I’m too scared to root my phone”. But really, it’s easy enough that most people will have no problem, many times just downloading a program and double clicking it, and also easy enough to destroy the evidence if the need arises. Rooting gives you so much added functionality that really everyone should look into it. Sure there are some people that actually would not use, or even notice, a single feature of a rooted phone, but most users can find at least one useful function. But if you are too scared to root, you don’t get to complain about not being able to taking screenshots on the fly, or any of the other myriad of useful root functions. It’s stated explicitly in the rulebook…

    • I have a MyTouch 4g and right now, the rooting process isn’t that easy and you can permanently brick the phone. It’s not worth the risk at this time.

    • My droid 2 was rooted and I un-rooted it to get the ota update for gingerbread. I also have to support these phones for work figured I’d play with stock for a bit prior to rooting again. I partially agree with you. Rooting does give much added functionality, but I don’t know if I would say all should have rooted phones. Prior to my d2 I have the original droid, which I rooted. But before I had an iphone. Screenshots on an iphone… no problem. Hold home and power button and bam! Screenshot. My brother had the samsung charge and on his phone you can press the two center physical buttons and it will take a screenshot, I believe this is native to the phone, as he won’t root it. He currently has the bionic and no way to capture. It appears that on select phones screen capture is native…

  5. Dude, given that the ability to take a screenshot comes built into all iPhones without having to jailbreak, I think Android users are allowed to complain about the fact that Android makes the process so cumbersome for not rooted users.

    Besides, rooting voids your warranty. Most people don’t know enough about rooting, or getting back to stock for that to be worth it. Not everyone is a techie geek that lives in his mom’s basement like you seem to be. Geez!

  6. @android23

    Not really. If tethering is built in and you don’t take screenshots, you really don’t have much of a need for root. You can run alternative home screen apps. The only reason I like root is for custom roms and tinkering which a lot of people wouldn’t use. Being able to remove vendor garbage is nice though.

    Oh and on my MT4G you need root.

  7. @Ben Pike Awe, ED has gotten someone down… ROR psh! Root That! hahaha no seriously if you’re going to talk about your personal issues involving e.d…here? seriously? Really?

    Not totally against the idea of ROOT but, I think it’s just something we shouldn’t have to resort too without walking the fine line of messing up your phone. 🙂

  8. Nothing to do with the post:
    It looks like Chris actually took my advice in cropping away the ticker on his continuum. I just gained a lot of respect for Android Community for listening to their commenters.

  9. Doesn’t work on DHD (HTC Desire HD) without root, dam visionary doesn’t work anymore so its impossible to root my phone 🙁 if I want my rooting pleasure I have to go back to my G1

  10. Works for my rooted cyanogenmod 7 version 9 but I can’t figure out the video maybe doesn’t work. I agree people shouldn’t be forced to root for their phones to certain things. But ever since I rooted my g1 I have never looked back. The only thing I miss are the surprise of ota updates haha. I also think rooting isn’t for everyone if not we would have loads of forums with people complaining about bugs and errors. Although, if you have enough common sense to do a little reading before hand and know how to use the search features at xda you will be fine.

  11. i have version 2.2htc inspire. and it dea not work. I just downloaded it today. Someone said it did but it really didnt ._.

  12. i have version 2.2htc inspire. and it dea not work. I just downloaded it today. Someone said it did but it really didnt ._.

    • i believe wehave the same phone. if so to take a screen shot all u have to do is while touching the back arrow press the power button

  13. Android, fucking fix it!  It worked before my upgrade and now it’s not! HUGE inconvenience and why make so many apps that yuou MUST ROOT your phone and take the chance of bricking it.  Fix ShootMe and allow everyone to use it again!  To hard to ask????


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