Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers may have already become a reality (almost) in the form of the Nike Air Mag but that won’t stop geeks from coming up with more futuristic footwear like this Shiftwear. Finally, here’s a more digital way of customizing your kicks instead of just changing the shoelace or painting your pair in a different color as you are free to change the design of the shoes anytime you want.

Each shoe features a color e-paper flexible HD display on both sides. Display can last up to 30 days on a single charge and is waterproof up to five meters. The pair features durable Kevlar Fiber coated soles so that means you can machine-wash the shoes.

The Shiftwear uses wireless charging technology but what makes it more interesting is the walk-to-charge technology. Obviously, it would only require you to walk and walk, thanks to the flexible electronics inside. The more steps you take, the more power is stored. So yeah, that could also mean the HD screens are always-on, never losing battery because you’re always charging it.

You can choose from three design options: low, medium, or high tops. A companion app will be available so you can change the image or display animations. It’s really up to you how you want your shoes to look. Just choose the size, design, and then select the image you want. You can also buy from other artists within the design community. Feel free to also design your own and try to sell them. Who knows, you can be the next big artist in the customized kicks game.

The Shiftware is a new pair of adaptable shoes that you can customize via your phone. It’s still a concept but we’re hoping the $25,000 fund goal on Indiegogo will be achieved to finally bring the shoes into production. Actually, with 23 days still left before the deadline, the amount has already gone over as expected. This only proves that the pair has a potential to become more popular and that more people are looking for more unique footwear.

The amount is just the minimum goal but you can give more. The startup who introduced this is projecting $3 million. That’s very ambitious but as early as now, the ShiftWear team is envisioning to add more features to the shoes like a touchscreen display, waterproof speakers, or sensors that will change designs based on foot movement and angle of sneaker.

There’s also the ShiftWear Rewards program where you can earn free pairs or earn credits when you refer many friends to support the project. Refer as much as $1,500 and get an L1 Classic for free or get a credit on future purchase based on 10 percent of your friends’ contribution. Refer $2,500 and you will get an M1 Classic pair. If you bring in $3,500 in referrals, get the H1 Classic.

Check out this Shiftwear campaign on Indiegogo.

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SOURCE: Indiegogo