Sherpa, for those not familiar with the name, is a virtual assistant app for Android. The app had been available for those in Spain and Latin America and back in mid-April it was released in beta form for those in the US market. That app has since seen some updates, however at the present time it is still sporting the beta tag. Putting the regular Android app to the side though, it looks like Sherpa has set their sights on Google Glass.

The company has yet to release all the details, however they have said they are “developing a voice-controlled digital assistant for Android-based smart glasses.” This of course, includes Google Glass. Furthermore, the Sherpa for Google Glass app will be based on the currently available Sherpa for smartphones. The folks at Sherpa are promising an “exceptional user experience that enables users to interact with the glasses using voice commands.”

“Sherpa is committed to delivering rich and natural interfaces for our digital lives, and we are confident that we can make the user experience with Google Glass and other wearable computing devices much better than it is today,” said Xabier Uribe-Etxebarria, CEO and founder of Sherpa.

Otherwise, aside from a bit of teasing about the Sherpa for Google Glass app, the company also spoke a bit about an update for the smartphone app. This update is expected to arrive in June and will bring proactive alerts. The new Sherpa for smartphones release is said to be “more intelligent and proactive” and with the ability to learn from the users habits.


Basically, this means we can begin expecting updates that are more relevant to your likes and habits. Not to mention, updates that are more timely based on where you are and what you are doing. We tested the Sherpa app when it came available back in April and while we found it more than capable, we cannot say that we are still using it today.

As far as the Sherpa for Google Glass app, the company has said they will have more features than are included in Google Now. Time will tell what the full and complete feature set will include and while we are not entirely sure we would choose Sherpa over Google Now — it is nice to have the options and in turn, the competition between the two apps.

SOURCE: Business Wire