Sharp is teasing a new tablet well ahead of its launch. The big feature of the new tablet is new display tech for the tablet market. This 7-inch tablet will use Qualcomm MEMS and Sharp IGZO technology, the result is a MEMS-IGZO display that should be very impressive.

The tablet has no name at this time. The technology used in the display will be able to provide a high-speed color display while having a mode that has nearly the same power saving technology of e-ink when in grayscale.

The Sharp IGZO screen is made from materials that differ from normal LCDs, this alternative material construction allows for thinner panels that can push pixels faster. Thinner LCDs mean thinner tablets; these screens have been used in some TVs and with same smartphones already.

Qualcomm’s MEMS tech is still very new and hasn’t been widely adopted at this time, about the only place the MEMS tech has been used is in the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. Combined these technologies will allow for high color reproduction with less power consumption than screens in use today provide. Other than a fancy screen, the tablet is tipped to get a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Android 4.4, and to be waterproof. LTE and WiFi models will be offered, pricing and availability are unannounced.

SOURCE: SlashGear