The Google event and the launch of several new devices may be the highlight of the first week of October but somewhere in Japan, the CEATEC event has been making a lot of geeks and OEMs more excited with the new products and technologies being showcased. One company impressing the attendees at the floor is Sharp with its new prototype display that is said to improve VR experience. Only a few OEMs may be happy about this item but the prototype panel wows with the 1000 pixels per inch (ppi). That’s like the 4K pixel density equivalent for the VR headsets.

Sharp said that the panel measures 2.87-inches diagonally and delivers 1920 x 2160 resolution–higher than the 1200 x 1080 resolution on the HTC Vive. Sharp’s new display offers more than twice the pixel density. It’s really even better because the HTC’s VR headset’s display measures 3.62-inches. Sharp is smaller but still with more pixels per inch.

We’ll never know for sure how impressive 1000ppi for VR actually is but we can imagine it will be mind-blowing. Honestly though, it may not be that noticeable for some. We’re guessing it will matter if you want more “realistic-looking” virtual reality. I guess we’ll see once the technology is available commercially.